Waste Coupling & Accessories Sink/Basin

Waste Coupling and Accessories Sink manufacturer in Delhi

We are offering Sink Waste Coupling that is developed from high grade steel and plastic, which are easy to install and are offered in various dimensions & sizes. This PVC Sink Waste Coupling is corrosion resistant and highly durable. Our steel waste coupling allows easy drainage of water and waste materials. They are designed specifically to allow all the waste to drain through. Durable and high in quality they retain their shine and can easily be cleaned or washed. Detergents and powders do not affect these couplings and they also do not have any sharp edges.


  • Double bowl connector
  • Basket coupling
  • Deluxe coupling
  • Classic coupling
  • Wash basin coupling
  • Steel coupling
Fantus Matka Waste Coupling
Flower Waste Coupling
Royal Coupling
Waste Coupling Reducer
Wash Basin Coupling(Steel)
Basket Waste Coupling
Steel Wash Basin Coupling
White Matka Coupling
Wash Basin Coupling(Steel)
Steel Sink Connector
Full Steel Waste Coupling
FANTUS Premium Waste Coupling
Waste Coupling Stopper
Wash Basin Coupling (Brass)